Dripping Paint on Car – Exterior Detail in Newtown Square, PA (Mercedes Benz)

Earlier this week we received a call from the property manager of an upscale apartment complex in Newtown Square, PA. He was slightly agitated, and for good reason. A company was hired to repaint certain patches of the ceiling in the parking garage. The company failed to put any sort of covering on the car they were painting above. This caused for quite the mess. The Mercedes Benz that was parked underneath was covered in little specks of white paint. It was all over the windshield, hood, passenger side door, and worst of all… the soft top convertible!!! We were called in to handle the situation. And that we did! Not only did we remove the specks, but we proceeded to give the entire exterior a professional detail. The owner of the car was satisfied and the property manager was relieved.

Before & After


Before & After

 20150922_132009 20150922_115413

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